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So, first and foremost, I had my 2019 ZR2 wrapped back in the summer. The guys who did it did a great job overall (and actually released a video of the process here)

However the lower edge of the body panels (the rock guard/area behind the sliders) they said was "unwrappable" due to the textured surface. Their solution was to Plasti-dip all the skirting black, which you can see in the video. It looked fine but by day two it was already peeling off from where my boots rub when I'm getting in and out (in fact you can see slight peeling in the video as well on the driver side)

I was wondering if there was any kind of trim or something I could install to cover this area, or even a better solution than Plasti-dip, which obviously doesn't adhere to the factory paint.

Any thoughts?

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