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Hello to those who have been waiting ages…

Order banks have opened! (hopefully)

I will be calling my dealer tomorrow to finally place my order!😁😁

And as @_Montana_ suggested, here's the event codes for those who are curious:

0000 Order/Order Request Cancelled
0005 Cancellation Pending
0500 Order Configuration Accepted
0501 Order Configuration Added
0551 Order Configuration Changed through Web
0600 Pending
0610 In Process
0620 Rejected
0630 Cancelled
0640 Expired
0700 Approved
0701 Trade Request Applied to Order
0702 Medium Duty Port Inventory Tag Request Applied to Order
0703 Vehicle Order Reconsigned by Vehicle Distribution Management
0999 Order Configuration Cancelled
1000 Order Request Accepted by GM
1001 Order Request Added
1002 Volume Order Request Added
1003 Divisional Order Request Added
1004 Order Request Added through Web
1010 Order Request Becomes Order
1030 Order Request Re-Edited; Passed
1031 Order Request/Preliminary Order Re-Edited
1035 Re-Edited; Failed
1040 Mass Order Request Change
1050 Order Request Changed
1060 Order Request Split
1065 Order Request Split; Fulfilled
1099 Order Request Cancelled
1100 Preliminary Order Accepted
1101 Preliminary Order Added
1102 Preliminary Order Added through Web
1196 Cancel Preliminary Order through Web
1300 Order Request Approved
2000 (Placed Order) Accepted by GM
2003 Legacy Order Added
2004 Retail Sold Order Added
2005 Order Replaced with GM AutoBook Order
2006 Order Replaced through Web
2010 Order on Bulletin Board
2012 Lead/Pilot Order Added
2030 Order Re-Edited
2040 Mass Order Change
2050 Order Changed
2051 Order Changed through Web
2053 BAC Replaced
2055 Change to Order at Plant
2057 Change to Divisional Order
2058 Financial Hold Status Updated by OCAS
2059 Order Changed by OCAS
2061 Pre-Assigned Serial Number Request
2062 Pre-Assigned Serial Number Request Sent to Corporate Order Management System
2063 Pre-Assigned Serial Number Received from Corporate Order Management System
2064 Pre-Issued Certificate of Vehicle Origin Requested
2065 Pre-Issued Certificate of Vehicle Origin Request Sent to Production Order Management and Scheduling
2066 Certificate of Vehicle Origin Confirmation Received from Production Order Management and Scheduling
2067 Resend Pre-Issued Certificate of Vehicle Origin Request to Production Order Management and Scheduling
2080 Remove Hold; Resend to Plant – Daily
2081 Order on Financial Hold
2082 Order on Purchase Order Hold
2085 Remove Hold; Resend to Plant – Weekly
2086 Remove Hold; Send to Plant Daytime Cycle
2087 User Confirms Order NOT Cancelled at Plant
2090 Order on Hold
2091 Dealer Terminated; Not Sent to Plant
2093 User Confirms Order Cancelled at Plant
2094 Cancel Pending from Plant
2095 Order on Manual Hold
2097 Plant Cancel Confirmed
2100 In-System Return Pending
2150 Cancellation Request Pending
2500 Preferenced
2530 New Order Pending; Productionizing Error
2550 Change Sent to Order at Plant
2570 In-System Return Request to Order at Plant
2575 Cancellation Request to Order at Plant
3000 Accepted by Production Control
3022 Offshore Event Reversal to Event 3300
3024 Offshore Event Reversal to Event 3450
3025 Offshore Event Reversal to Event 3550
3099 Order Cancelled at Plant
3100 Available to Sequence
3300 Scheduled for Production
3400 Broadcast
3450 Import Vehicle Produced
3500 Body Set-Up (Non-Import Vehicle)
3550 Import Vehicle Shipped from Port of Origin
3750 Import Vehicle Received at Port of Entry
3800 Produced
4000 Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice
4106 Release Bailment
4110 Invoice Reject
4120 Internal Invoice
4150 Original Invoice
4200 Shipped
4250 Ocean Dispatched
4300 Intermediate Delivery
4350 At Port of Exit – Truck
4800 Rail Ramp Unload
4850 At Port of Exit – Rail
4B00 Bayed (Available to Ship)
4B01 Arrived at Vehicle Distribution Center
4B10 Available for Export Shipping
4B11 Available for Sale
4B12 Argentina Built Order Ready for Re-Invoice to Mexico
4B31 Anticipated Tag
4B40 Grounded Tag
4B42 Untag
4B45 Credit Rebill Rejected
4B50 Final Dealer Assigned by Central Office
4B60 Credit Rebill Sent to Vehicle Billing and Accounts Receivable System
4B65 CDO Requests Created (GM International Sales Only)
4B70 Credit Rebill Cancelled in Vehicle Billing and Accounts Receivable System
4D00 Vehicle on Hold
4DCR Carrier Reject
4F01 Vehicle Arrived at Central Distribution Center
4F02 In Transit to Regional Distribution Center
4F03 Vehicle Arrived at Regional Distribution Center
4F04 Vehicle Tagged in Transit to Dealer
4FCR Invoice Reject
4FUN Credit Dealer/Undo Invoice
4V01 Vehicle at Upfitter
4V02 Vehicle on Transportation Hold
4V03 Estimated Delivery Date Updated
5000 Delivered to Dealer
5050 Vehicle Transfer – Dealer Initiated
6000 Delivered to Customer; First Delivery; D1
6061 Delivery Cancellation; First Return to Stock; R1
6200 Retail Sale; Second Delivery; D2
6261 Return to Stock; Second Return to Stock; R2


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Texted my sales rep this morning and should have an answer soon if we can place the order today. The dealership is nearly just as excited as me to place the order, as everyone there just wants to see one of these in person. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: No colorado allocations for my dealer today sadly. Guess Ill keep waiting.

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Actually, I got an order placed!!! I went and did the preliminary build with 2 dealers in my area to see which one would get it first. One of the two was able to place my order today and they also had the GM rep at their dealership today saying that apparently mine is the first in the region, so I'm stoked. There were zero restrictions on my order as far as packages, too. So, super excited! I'll be paying my deposit in a bit and get order info, but I'm assuming I'm at 1100 like the rest of you until GM accepts it.

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I was told ZR2's can be ordered now but no safety package. I think that's what it's called.
I'm waiting for the cameras and other stuff.

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Really? My dealership said there were no restrictions on my order and I had all the packages except the offroad gear and the Desert Boss.
Yes, I believe my order is in but it won't be produced until that option is open. He said I can order/build it now without the option but have to wait for it with the option. I can get one without it built now he said.
Hmmmm. IDK?
Of all the timing, just got a call and it's ordered. wooohooo.

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2023 Colorado ZR2 4WD Desert Boss Glacier Blue Metallic
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Has anyone ordered a ZR2 with the Desert Boss package? The online build lets me add it but says "See Dealer for Pricing". The Supplier Discount build won't even let me add it. I am #2 or #3 at my dealership but I couldn't get in touch with my salesman today.

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Has anyone ordered a ZR2 with the Desert Boss package? The online build lets me add it but says "See Dealer for Pricing". The Supplier Discount build won't even let me add it. I am #2 or #3 at my dealership but I couldn't get in touch with my salesman today.
I noticed that on some other builds. Somebody mentioned it might be due to supply shortages. Which makes sense because if they don't have the parts there is no reason to build it. I know Ford is having allot of shortages in their new Ranger overseas and they are deleting many safety features just to get the trucks out. I think oems need to go to the smaller wafer fabrication. semi conductors have moved on from those older chips. Not as profitable.

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Just called. Was told 4/10 they open. Maybe something will change this week, but I'm not holding my breathe. I'll follow this thread and if it looks like most people are able to place theirs then I'll call and bug them again. I didn't place my order until January 1st, but was told I was the only one that had a ZR2 order at the time. Confirmed that today as well that I'm still first in line. Kalispell, Montana though... we'll be one of the last ones lol.
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