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I feel sorry for her and her family. It was a tragic death.

I admit that I smoke. I started when I was 28 years old.

This unfortunate soul did not die from second-hand smoke - she died from an acute asthma attack. There are no allergens, protein or protein-carbohydrate complexes in tobacco smoke that would cause an attack. The Canadian Lung Association has even stated that asthma is not caused by smoking.

To me, Professor Rosenman seems biased. He stated "She was perfectly fine when she went to work,". No, she was not. The article states she had suffered from asthma since she was 2. It goes on to reveal that her asthma was poorly controlled, and had been to the emergency room 2 or three times, and the doctor 4 times just in this year. She did not have her inhaler with her either.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but I cannot be politically correct. She should have been prepared to deal with her illness, given that many things can set off an asthma attack. She also should have chosen a better place to work, given her affliction, to miminize any occurrences.

The second-hand smoke danger claims are bull, IMHO. There have been no scientific, statistically significant connections between SHS and cancer. There are just too many cofactors involved.
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