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Who has downsized?

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I did a search and couldn't find much so I figured I would ask how many (if any) of you traded in a newer full size truck for your mid size? A year ago I bought a new Ram Rebel and I have realized with my kids grown and on there own, I don't need a full size truck 99% of the time and am wondering why I am dealing with the poor gas mileage.
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Traded an ’06 Dodge Ram crew cab with a 5.9 Cummins on the ‘22 Canyon Denali diesel. The Canyon is much more comfortable, easier to drive, better mileage, less expensive to maintain…. all of that. It’s just got no power compared to the Dodge. The Canyon is more like a car with a big trunk, than a truck. I really like my Canyon and I’m not saying that I have buyer’s remorse…. but I sure do have seller’s remorse.
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