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Who has downsized?

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I did a search and couldn't find much so I figured I would ask how many (if any) of you traded in a newer full size truck for your mid size? A year ago I bought a new Ram Rebel and I have realized with my kids grown and on there own, I don't need a full size truck 99% of the time and am wondering why I am dealing with the poor gas mileage.
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I went from an '03 Silverado C2500HD 6.0L gas to a '22 Colorado ZR2 3.6L gas. I needed a new truck and needed something to fit in my garage, so I downsized. I have no idea what kind of mileage the Ram Rebel gets but I have to say, my ZR2 is no sissy when it comes to chugging gas. If your reason for considering downsizing is mileage, please make sure you will get what you are expecting.
So far for the life of the truck I am at 15mpg combined and I pretty much baby it. At 70mph (flat and no wind) it is usually at 16mpg and at 45mph I can get up to 19mpg. It's epa rating is 19 and 15. It would be nice (in small parking lots) to not feel like I am making a 3 point turn just to park too. The real deciding factor will be driving one once they hit the lots, but I wanted to get feedback from others who have already made the switch.
I'm with you. The overall driveability and maneuverability of the mid-size over a full size is hard to beat. And in my case, I don't tow anything large anymore so I don't have a need for a full size. With all of that, I am really enjoying the Colorado...even though I only average about 16.5 mpg, mixed city/highway/offroad. SO, gas mileage is not a "benefit" in my case.
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