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Who has downsized?

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I did a search and couldn't find much so I figured I would ask how many (if any) of you traded in a newer full size truck for your mid size? A year ago I bought a new Ram Rebel and I have realized with my kids grown and on there own, I don't need a full size truck 99% of the time and am wondering why I am dealing with the poor gas mileage.
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I went from an 04 trailblazer to a 19 CCLB colorado. Also parked in the driveway is a 2007 (the NBS 00-07 not the government bailout bodystyle) sierra 2500 HD double cab long bed and a 22 silverado double cab long bed... I hate the 22 but the 07 and the colorado I'll switch back and forth between regularly depending on what has to be done. The 07 rides fantastic (not for a 2500 either, it legitimately rides nice) turning radius and handling are comparable between the colorado and it too... thats the one vehicle I've driven that was a true outlier because it shouldn't do anything that well. Also have a C3500 with a built 383 and that's like riding down a gravel road on a log and the turning radius on it is atrocious. Other than the milage (that 6.0 will basically do 9 mpg regardless of what's behind it) I have no problems with that truck. But I do find the colorado a little more comfortable on a creature level... the sierra is a strip model, so hand crank, manual locks etc.
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