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Who has downsized?

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I did a search and couldn't find much so I figured I would ask how many (if any) of you traded in a newer full size truck for your mid size? A year ago I bought a new Ram Rebel and I have realized with my kids grown and on there own, I don't need a full size truck 99% of the time and am wondering why I am dealing with the poor gas mileage.
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I, unfortunately, have recent experience with this. I drove a Sierra Denali for 6 weeks while my Colorado was in the shop for the shudder again. (There is a separate post about that fiasco)
For the last month I've had to take this 8 mile country road with several hills and multiple sharp curves that would make some one riding a crotch rocket nervous! The Sierra rode pretty good and handled the curves pretty good until I took the same road in my ZR2. The ZR2 handled like a corvette, compared to the Sierra, it was much smoother and took way less effort to fly around the bends.
However the Sierra had way more power, there were a couple hills the v8 went up without moving the pedal while the Colorado would just die, I had to give it gas to downshift.
The Sierra Denali V8 was averaging around 16 MPG and I was "driving it like I stole it (since it was a loaner), about the same or more than my V6 ZR2,
Took this picture to show how much gas was in it when I returned it.


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