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Which Eibach Kit Should I Get?

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So I have kinda narrowed it down to these two. I had to draw the line in the sand somewhere on how much money I wanted to spend. I am mostly on pavement with the occasional light offloading. My truck specs are listed below. I am mainly seeking better ride quality with my current tire setup. I log a lot of miles, thanks.

2019 CCSB Diesel
32" Falken Wlidpeak AT3Ws (E-load LTs)
Readylift 2" leveling kit w/ sway bar spacer (currently)
Duramax Tuner Tune package with Transmission tune

Option 1 (set at 2" clip)

Option 2 (set at ~2-2.5")

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I'd go with 1, but not much is going to change the ride quality on E-rated tires outside of airing down. You could always get #2 and add UCA's later too, but again, the stiffness will still be there. I'd save that extra couple hundred. I'd also go with pretty much the lowest setting on either of them, no more than 2.5" but probably 2" to save angles on everything else.

Others may want to weigh in whether or not you need a dif drop and such, but I know on pretty much every other vehicle you lift around 2" it's a good measure.
Im getting the Eibach Pro-Truck Stage 2 kit, which is basically the 2nd option but the more basic rear shocks. It will be going on next week so I should be able to report back initial impressions. Im also doing new UCA's, diff drop, longer end links, swaybar relocation bracket and +1 rear block. To add, going with the same wheel (rim) setup +20 fuel rebels black/grey with 32's. So will be a similar setup.
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not going to gain anything in pavement ride quality by removing the leveling kit and adding stiffer spring/shock for the front, let alone maybe a stiffer shock in the rear,

front spring has to be stiffer to raise the front 2 inches.

removing the suspension lift and adding a body lift you will get back to OEM ride sans the e-rated tires

does it ride nose high now or is it level?
throw a couple hundred pounds of weight in the bed by the tail gate will give you a smoother highway ride
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lol 3 comments, 3 different votes.

OP right now:
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