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U1040 - ABS and Brake light on

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Have a U1040 - Loss of Communication with Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) that's my only code.

I have a ABS light and Brake light on.

When hitting the brakes at high speeds or downhill the truck with pulsate as if it is moving forwards and backwards like a spring.

Lately I have been getting this grinding noise from my front end that vibrates even into my steering wheel. It happens when I brake (sometimes) and when I hit a bump(sometimes). From doing some research I think this is "ABS grinding"?

This is really starting to annoy me and I'm sick of the lights and the weird braking. Brought it to a mechanic who had almost no idea.

I have looked at all the grounding for the abs module itself and everything seems to be getting ground.

Could this be a bad sensor, bad EBCM itself, etc. etc.??? Any suggestions appreciated.
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I have this issue myself, it started happening when we took out my speed wheel sensors to clean them. We took it to a shop when this started happening and they didn't know what was wrong. I thought all these things were in my head.
Not enough info here
what year of truck?
how many miles?

OKAY, you have a 2004 Colorado with 235,000 miles on it. when was the last brake job done?
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