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Truck won't go into park - I'm fed up

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Ok guys,

I started out loving everything about this truck, and the past couple months I'm getting to the point where I'm just short of calling it a POS. I've had my brakes serviced twice now, which started making noise around 100 miles. At 4,000.....still doing it.

The truck when sitting idle has a bad shaking/vibration and the RPMS bounce from half to 1 ..... And now today while going the store, I pull into the parking spot and the damned thing won't go into park. I've tried everything, nothing works. Hell, it won't even shift into first gear but every other try. After waiting 55 minutes on hold for Roadside Assistance, a tow truck should be here in about 45 minutes to get it. I'm just so frustrated. This is the last thing I expected out of a brand new truck. Sorry just but as I sit here waiting for a wrecker for my 07, I am just frustrated and needed to vent.
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I think I've mentioned this before but my truck had transmission problems and had to be replaced. It wouldn't shift into 2nd gear, well it would but after a lot of work. Then the shop said it wouldn't shift into reverse. The RPMs were running way high. So.... I dunno if its the same thing but it sounds similar...
Let the warranty process work for you. Continued problems will probably be resolved with the Lemon Law buy back program.
I received a letter in the mail from GM saying, if my truck starts to idle rough they will fix it, up till 7 years or 100k.

This is what it said exactly:
This letter is intended to make you aware that some 2005 model year Chevrolet Colorado vehicles, equipped with a 2.8L 4 cylinder or 3.5L 5 cylinder engine, may experience a condition where the engine intake valve seats may wear. This will cause partial misfire and illumination of the Service Engine Soon (SES) light. Continued operation and resulting additional wear may eventually lead to engine idle roughness.

I know it's for my 05, but was this problem really only on the 05's. Maybe it could be on other years too. That might be whats wrong with your's idling so bad.
What do you expect, you bought an Isuzu.

Just kidding. Mind did the same thing after about a year. What happens is the cable from the shifter to the trans gets bound up and stretches out and won't allow you to shift it into park and 1st gear. All I did was put the truck into "N" and put the e-brake on. Then I was able to take the key out.

I took it into the dealership and it was covered under warrenty.
Yeah I was shown the spring that I have to push forward in order to get it into park. The tow truck driver came and showed me how to do it, so I can drive it to the dealership (which I work at) myself today. Of course the lead Isuzu tech wasn't there today, so I got to bring it in tomorrow. Only thing is, when my truck won't start unless its in park. So every time I need to start my truck I gotta go under and push this spring forward to pop it into park :roll:

I hope this doesn't take long to fix.
Just put it in neutral. It should start up with out a problem. Mine does.

Actually, I think you can do that on any car.
Just put it in neutral. It should start up with out a problem. Mine does.

Actually, I think you can do that on any car.
That's what I thought as well.....Not on mine though :? Either way it got fixed today, some type of shifter clip was defective and replaced within an hour.
glad to hear its fixed
coyote said:
glad to hear its fixed
:p Me too!!! I'm hoping....really really hoping, no more probs for awhile....Cause I like my truck I really do. And I would like to keep it that way. 8)
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