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Towing report 2017 v6

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A few months ago I was on here asking how much I could push a Colorado for towing. It's a 2017 z71 v6 crew shortbed.

Pulled the trigger on a very tall 25' travel trailer and have an initial tow report.

This is our surveyor legend 203RKLE. It's a hair under 5000# dry.

Loaded, I'm guessing we are around 5800# on our first trip.

Curt spectrum TBC and a Anderson WDH.

Trailer runs pretty well up to 60mph, but porpoises pretty badly on expansion joints. It's a little unstable with passing trucks above 65. We had, 20mph winds gusting around 40 mph in western Ohio. Definitely got a little hairy when we met the gusts as a crosswind at speeds over 60mph.

All in all I'm pretty impressed with the power of the truck and it's stability except when the wind starts pushing the trailer. Never really "swayed" but the wind definitely pushed the whole rig back and forth in the lane.

We definitely were a little under distributed based on the CAT scales and overly heavy on tongue weight, so we will trim some of that off the tongue and try to distribute a bit more to the front axle.

This is our first longer trip and we are convinced the trailer needs a shock absorbing equalizer (road armor). We do plan to run pretty near (or over) the payload limit, so we may go grab some sumos. We know we need a bigger tow vehicle long term, but unless prices correct in the next year, we are are going to keep counting on the Colorado to get it done.
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