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Tongue weight capacity

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I have a 2018 diesel all terrain 4x4 with a crew cab short box ,and I was wondering how much I can tow and what the max tongue weight would be for instance I have a small tractor that weights about 4000lbs with the rotary cutter and then a 16ft tandem axle trailer could it tow that? Thankyou for any help.
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The sticker on my factory installed tow hitch (2019 Z71 3.6L V-6) indicates a maximum tongue weight of 900 lbs. (but I would never test that maximum capacity)

If you have a factory installed hitch, there should be a sticker on there that tells you what the maximum towing capacity & the maximum tongue weight of the trailer hitch is.

Now, your hitch is most likely rated for more weight, than your truck is rated to tow, so you have to factor in what your truck's maximum towing capacities are first & foremost.

@C21964 posted some great information above, as well.

@Brady D

I have a Mahindra 1635L, which is a small 35 HP 4WD diesel tractor, and I used to pull it around with my old 2019 Nissan Frontier, which was a 2WD truck that had a smaller towing capacity than my 2019 Colorado.

That Nissan pulled my Mahindra around with no problem.

With the torque that your 2018 Diesel makes, as long as your tractor is properly loaded on your trailer with the weight centered over your trailer axles & your trailer is stout enough to handle your tractor's weight, I'm very confident that you won't have any problems pulling your tractor around with your truck.
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Can you post a picture of your sticker? Never heard of a Colorado/Canyon with a hitch that could do 900 lbs tongue weight.
I have no reason to lie, standby one.
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Interesting, makes me wonder if GM had a different part umber hitch at some point. I have only ever seen the 700-770lbs tongue weight stickers. Thanks for posting.
That's possible.

No problem at all.
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