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Tongue weight capacity

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I have a 2018 diesel all terrain 4x4 with a crew cab short box ,and I was wondering how much I can tow and what the max tongue weight would be for instance I have a small tractor that weights about 4000lbs with the rotary cutter and then a 16ft tandem axle trailer could it tow that? Thankyou for any help.
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I have a 16 foot tandem axle aluminum trailer that weighs about 1,000 pounds. I’ve loaded 4,000 pounds of wood pellets on it and my diesel Canyon did just fine with it. As was mentioned, pay attention to tongue weight. I was able to distribute load weight easily with the bags of pellets. Attention to positioning your tractor will be important to achieve proper weight distribution, as I’m sure you already realize. Please use good tie downs and not those 1 inch dollar store things. My 2 cents worth is that you will be fine.
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