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I have a stock 2016 Chevy Colorado z71 crew cab short box. I was wonder what’s the biggest size tire I could run on the stock truck without the tire rubbing when turning? I also have a 2” front leveling kit for the truck but haven’t put it one yet.
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The largest tire you can run without rubbing on stock suspension is about a 31” diameter. I’m not sure what the limit would be with the level but plenty of guys here have that so dig through the wheel/tire/lift thread and you should get some ideas for a wheel and tire combo you like

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Yu can go narrow and tall or normal or wide and smaller.

I take it you have 17 inch wheels, sometimes when I think that, the person has 16's or 18's

safely whatever the specs are on the 265/65/17 is, some will go one size up 265/70/17 with maybe trimming on the front waffle or more up and narrow 255/75/17

use this to compare tire sizes

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