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So i picked my rims

AR172 Baja 16x8 0 offset

i have a stock height 2010 Lt rwd 2.9L (im not getting a lift)

what tire size would you guys recommend?

Im leaning towards the cooper at3 4s all terrine i need something good year round snow and summer.

my options are;

cooper at3 4 s
225/75R16 rim size 6 - 7.5 over all diameter 29.13
235/75R16 rim size 6 - 8 over all diameter 29.72

225/70R16 rim size 6 - 7.5 over all diameter 28.66
235/70R16 rim size 6 - 8 over all diameter 28.82

what would fit without rubbing?

stock is a 215/70/16 im not sure of the overall diameter

i've also seen this WT fit, im not sure what the difference is between a WT and LT
255/70/16 no rub

255/70R16 rim size 6.5-8.5 over all diameter 30.04

im stuck on what to do.


(i got all my numbers off the cooper site.)

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