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Taillight and CHMSL Incandescent Bulbs - photos with bulb numbers

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I noticed that the tail light backup lights and bedlight had the typical yellow tint of incandescent bulbs. The Owners Manual did not have any bulb info, so I decided to investigate. The stop light in the taillight housing is also incandescent, as are all three of the bulbs in the CHMSL (Center High Mount Stop Light). I do not plan on replacing the brake lights bulbs with LEDs because of all of the trouble I had with burning out LED resistors on my 2018 Canyon. I eventual put the incandescent bulbs back in on that truck. The screws for both the taillight housing and CHMSL are T20.

I also noticed that stamped inside the hole the CHMSL fits in are the words "CREW". I wonder if there are plans to add different CAB types and possible a long bed down the road.

Photo 2 is the backup bulb (gold lettering)
Photo 3 is the brake light bulb
Photo 6 is the bulb in the CHMSL (all three are the same)

I hope you find this information useful.


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Did you do the brake lights in the taillight housings, and if so, did you have to add resistors?

It uses the same High Mount Brake Light as the 2nd Gen:
Cab Structure is the same
High Mount Stop Lamp - GM (52127100)
2015-2022 GM

2015-2022 GM High Mount Stop Lamp 52127100 | GM Parts Online

Does not Matter Crew Cab or Extended Cab
Does not matter 5.2' or 6.2' Bed

Your Picture... Part number on it:
Good information. Thanks for pointing that out.

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I have a good story about LED resistors. :p

When I got my Jeep I replaced my taillight bulbs with LEDs, they had the inline resistors built into heatsinks, and came with double stick tape to mount the resistor so it wasn't just bouncing around.

Well, they apparently got much hotter than anticipated, came loose from the tape and came to rest on the lens of the taillight, and eventually melted a good portion of if. :)

Ended up just replacing the entire taillight with a nice sequential LED set.
On my 2018 Canyon I used double sticky back tape to secure the resistors on the GEN5DIY harness thinking that they just get warm. I ended up using 14 gauge wire to secure them to holes in the sheet metal. After being told by GEN5DIY that the resistors were wear items and replacing them 3X, I went back to the incandescent bulbs for the taillights and turn signals.

Doesn't the build site specify "LED tail lamps"?

I know it does on the Z71 and ZR2.
I thought that was the case, too. It does say Exterior LED lights, but obviously not all of them. I think everything but the CHSML, taillights, brake lights, backup lights are LEDs. The rear DRL in the taillight housing is an LED pipe. I really doubt the ZR2 would be any different than the rest of the trucks.

I have yet to come across a single LED bulb on my Trail Boss and so far I have changed the interior, headlights, cab and reverse light bulbs. Not touching any turn signal or brake bulbs until I see a bulb that does not cause hyperfash issues without adding a resistor
The Canyons have an LED pipe around the taillight. You can see the cable for the LED that goes to the top of the housing in photo 1. I am not sure if the Colorados have an equivalent to that or not.

Are the headlights on the TBs reflector or projector?

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