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Taillight and CHMSL Incandescent Bulbs - photos with bulb numbers

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I noticed that the tail light backup lights and bedlight had the typical yellow tint of incandescent bulbs. The Owners Manual did not have any bulb info, so I decided to investigate. The stop light in the taillight housing is also incandescent, as are all three of the bulbs in the CHMSL (Center High Mount Stop Light). I do not plan on replacing the brake lights bulbs with LEDs because of all of the trouble I had with burning out LED resistors on my 2018 Canyon. I eventual put the incandescent bulbs back in on that truck. The screws for both the taillight housing and CHMSL are T20.

I also noticed that stamped inside the hole the CHMSL fits in are the words "CREW". I wonder if there are plans to add different CAB types and possible a long bed down the road.

Photo 2 is the backup bulb (gold lettering)
Photo 3 is the brake light bulb
Photo 6 is the bulb in the CHMSL (all three are the same)

I hope you find this information useful.


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Did you do the brake lights in the taillight housings, and if so, did you have to add resistors?

No I didn’t. I didn’t want to go that far yet with resistors etc. I will do it if someone finds a bulb that doesn’t hyperflash
I have yet to come across a single LED bulb on my Trail Boss and so far I have changed the interior, headlights, cab and reverse light bulbs. Not touching any turn signal or brake bulbs until I see a bulb that does not cause hyperfash issues without adding a resistor
1 - 4 of 20 Posts