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So I just got my first Colorado as of the last week in October. I drive it to and from work (~60 miles daily)
I used to have an old s10 and used to dream of customizing it but never really had the money to do anything right. So now that I can afford it, I wanna do some stuff to the Collie
I've got an '08 2.9L 5spd 2wd std cab. I'm wondering if someone could give me some good links to sites with performance parts..
Also if anyone else in here is doing anything with a 2.9 I'd like to hear it!
I love the truck and it reminds me quite a bit of my old 97 2wd std cab 5spd 4.3 (vin W) s10.. not quite as much torque but still it gets up pretty good..
I know these trucks are new and there aren't many parts out there yet..
I'll be digging through this site quite a bit more too, to try and find stuff.
Thanks to any help and when I start getting a few things done I'll post up some pictures on here!
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