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SOLD PLEASE DELETE: OEM Catback Exhaust (Gilbert, AZ) - $80

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Hey guys,

I just removed my OEM exhaust this weekend, in favor of the MBRP Catback system. Coming from a 2010 Camaro SS with long-tubes, no cats, an x-pipe, and flowmaster mufflers (and numerous trucks with aftermarket exhausts) I am in LOVE with the sound of the truck now! I was a bit apprehensive given the few complaints of droning, but I think my baseline is a bit skewed compared to some of my fellow Colorado owners. I haven't noticed any cabin noise when cruising at 50-80mph; only on acceleration/start-up.

In light of this, I am looking to re-home my OEM Exhaust to someone who may be in need of a replacement (or the parts). The exhaust is in new condition and was removed with only 2900 mi on the truck.

I am asking $100 OBO, with local AZ pickup.

Thanks for looking!

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Any chance you might be driving to Los Angeles soon?
We usually try to take a trip to Coronado during the summer, but I wont think I'd be able to trek it that far... It's bigger than the bed ?

Hoping to get it out of the garage sooner than later too
bummer, not sure when i'd be out your way. shipping isnt worth it. ok, maybe if the stars align sooner than later.
Yeah, it'd be cheaper in gas that shipping probably.. No worries. If something brings you out to AZ in the next little while let me know.

Still available and need it out of the garage

Make an offer
Humpday BUMP

Still available:eek:
Bump still available
Stupid question, probably: Is this for the 15+ Colorado?
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Ya as far as I know it should fit any gen 2 model with the same length piping. So the short bed crew cab and I think long bed extended cab models.

Thanks Chadc!
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