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Should I Buy Now or Wait? (2021/22 Canyon AT4)

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I've never been a truck person and back in 2020, I bought my first (a new TRD Sport 4x4 Tacoma) to use as my sole vehicle. After 4 months, I decided it wasn't for me and moved back to an SUV. Fast-forward to today and I'm now looking at picking up a used pickup as a secondary vehicle.

Test drove a 2021 Tacoma and a 2022 Canyon AT4 back to back and felt the GMC drove better. The Tacoma did have some Toyo knobby off-road tires on it which may have attributed to the crappy drive. Interior and exterior was a wash between the two vehicles with each have likes/dislikes.

Anyhow, with the 2023/24's Canyon/Colorados coming out as we speak, wondering if I should hold off a bit and see what the used market looks like a month or 2 from now. Surely there will be an uptick in 2nd gens being traded in for the new models.

Right now, I'm looking at a few 2021/2022's but prices seem to be creeping up from where they were most of February. Tacoma prices are even worse and based on the ho-hum 4K mile experience I had on my 2020, not sure I wanna spend more money on a Taco again vs going with a Canyon. Looking to stay in the $36-38K range since this is really just a backup vehicle. With that said, the 2023 is nice but not looking to spend $40K+.
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Here’s my spin. YMMV. Just looked at a 2022 Canyon today. An actual key for the ignition, knobs for lights, radio, and air condition. No auto stop/start to drive me crazy. 2023 - touch screen for most controls plus auto stop-start. Not for me!
I'm not a fan of everything through a touch screen either. All it takes is one hiccup and you can't adjust squat :( Not that I'm saying I want to go back to my '78 C1500 I had out on the farm as a kid, but too much electronics and you end up needing a trickle charger under the hood and to plug the vehicle in if you don't drive it for 2 days (a co-workers $125k BMW did exactly this).
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