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Should I Buy Now or Wait? (2021/22 Canyon AT4)

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I've never been a truck person and back in 2020, I bought my first (a new TRD Sport 4x4 Tacoma) to use as my sole vehicle. After 4 months, I decided it wasn't for me and moved back to an SUV. Fast-forward to today and I'm now looking at picking up a used pickup as a secondary vehicle.

Test drove a 2021 Tacoma and a 2022 Canyon AT4 back to back and felt the GMC drove better. The Tacoma did have some Toyo knobby off-road tires on it which may have attributed to the crappy drive. Interior and exterior was a wash between the two vehicles with each have likes/dislikes.

Anyhow, with the 2023/24's Canyon/Colorados coming out as we speak, wondering if I should hold off a bit and see what the used market looks like a month or 2 from now. Surely there will be an uptick in 2nd gens being traded in for the new models.

Right now, I'm looking at a few 2021/2022's but prices seem to be creeping up from where they were most of February. Tacoma prices are even worse and based on the ho-hum 4K mile experience I had on my 2020, not sure I wanna spend more money on a Taco again vs going with a Canyon. Looking to stay in the $36-38K range since this is really just a backup vehicle. With that said, the 2023 is nice but not looking to spend $40K+.
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I'm not a fan of everything through a touch screen either. All it takes is one hiccup and you can't adjust squat :( Not that I'm saying I want to go back to my '78 C1500 I had out on the farm as a kid, but too much electronics and you end up needing a trickle charger under the hood and to plug the vehicle in if you don't drive it for 2 days (a co-workers $125k BMW did exactly this).
The thing about BMW's is the center stack and all the electrics are controlled by what they call "i drive". Something you have to do when you get out is to LOCK the door. This is the only way you shut down i drive completely. If you leave it open this system will put a drain on the battery. Took me awhile to get used to locking the door in a locked garage. But it becomes muscle memory after a few weeks. Now if your stupid enough to not do that, then yeah, your going to kill the battery at some point. Its a common complaint with new BMW buyers.

The small size of the Honda works well with my age, but it's not a truck. Have already replaced two batteries and one electronic module.

Trade the Honda for the Canyon? Can't decide what to do.
Honda's are not the car they used to be. They used to make extremely reliable vehicles. Their Electricals are crap. The 1.5 turbo needs to be avoided like the plague. Numerous and expensive HVAC repairs. But they have a cult following and be careful of pointing any of that out on their forums as they get pretty ugly about defending their piles of crap.

Here’s my spin. YMMV. Just looked at a 2022 Canyon today. An actual key for the ignition, knobs for lights, radio, and air condition. No auto stop/start to drive me crazy. 2023 - touch screen for most controls plus auto stop-start. Not for me!
Usually there is a button that disables the auto start. Although you have to hit that every single time you start it. Can anyone confirm the new twins have this feature? Because if not, that would be a total complete show stopper issue. As for not offering a physical light switch I have given this a bit of thought. This is a really bad idea. Especially if it has that feature that turns on/off brights automatically. I can't stand that. Also need a physical button to turn on the fogs if conditions change rapidly. I'm sure there are other scenarios the physical button makes sense but having to access the center stack menu while driving is a bad idea. GM said they wanted to free up space. But this is a safety issue full stop and its nothing short of a cost cutting measure. Unfortunately, they probably won't rework this as its already part of the final production build. I'm sure this will also become a show stopper for some buyers.
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Well . . Happy wife .. .Happy life may apply.

But the price does sound pretty good on the truck.

Two batteries and an electronic module on the 2021 Honda?
When speaking of Honda reliability you need to go back in time. Way back. They ain't what they used to be. Definitely a brand to be avoided IMO. That's a brand that lost site of its roots.
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Hi! I’m not the OP, but had the same question. Just came back from Gillman GMC in San Benito, TX (also Gilllman Honda) where I just traded in the 2021 HRV for new 2022 Elevation 4dr v-6 with towing package. I pick it up Monday, 3/20/2023. Lots of reasons why I went with a 2022 instead of 2023 - v-6, less touch screen, and no stop start. I was able to get the 4.74 % GMC finance rate. I preferred the less technology 2022 to the 2023. FWIW there is not another new GMC Canyon 2022 at any dealership right now within 200 miles of the Lower Rio Grande Valley here in South Texas.
Something to be said for buying a last year of a production for a given generation. Figure they tweaked things with small improvements along the way. Definitely the 8 speed got allot better in the final year. May even be latest version on the 23. It's almost a given there will be some issues on the new one. Because you really never know until its released in the wild which generally will expose the problems. If this is not true it would be the first time in motor car history.
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