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Still holding great, much less bounce and better control than stock shocks by far. I'm sure there are better ones out there but for $68 bucks a piece on Amazon right now I honestly don't think there is a better deal. Here's the link, and seriously maybe 15 minutes to swap out both of them in the rear.

$68 as of this post.
Bilstein 24265874 Shock Absorber
Bought them Sunday, got them yesterday. Took me like 15 minutes each side. It's a beautiful thing having heavier duty and bigger bolts than my 2017 WRX... I snapped 3 lug nuts and 2 caliper assembly bolts before I got rid of it. I don't want to deal with that ever again. Working on this truck is like working on my old ranger (with a billion % less rust, but still solid)

This IS how the truck should ride. Route 80 up here in Northern NJ SUCKS and the struts in combination with the Bilstein rears just soaks it all up. It's not all completely gone, but its still a truck. It seems like the rates soak up all of the slop, but leave you with the "truck" feel, which is exactly what I wanted.

Once again thank you so much for everyone kicking me in the ass to buy these and KeyserSoze22 for the links and help!
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