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Remote Start & On-Star resolved

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So two months ago I had remote start programmed to OEM key fobs as have many here. In fact I read about doing it here.

I have read that it is possible get get the remote start feature added to the MyChevy app by simply calling onstar and letting them know once you’ve had it done. I’ve also read that it’s not possible unless the remote start was installed at the factory...

Two months OnStar has been telling me they are working on it. Last week I called again (they never call me) to see what the progress was to be told by the gal that no I can’t have it since BCM programming isn’t enough, the “kit” had to be installed. When I asked what the difference between what the dealer “installed” and what would be included at the factory was she said “I can’t tell you that, have your dealer call us and we will let them know to talk to GM.”

So.... Friday I was getting my oil changed and talked to the service manager about this. He said “bull shiz” your VIN shows up in the database as having remote start. I told him OnStar says my truck is not remote start capable. Bull shiz he says again...

He gave me a bulletin from GM (document ID 46000640 bulletin number 16-NA-335) that says

“ whenever a customer purchases a GM accessory remote start kit, has it installed on any of the vehicles listed above, and has the vehicle program to activate the remote start, the related VIN is added to a list which is fed to the on star team on a weekly basis. Within 10 days of vehicle programming, the on star team then enters this VIN into their database, which will then automatically enable the myBuick, myCadillac, myChevrolet, myGMC phone applications once the customer downloads them to their device, open an account, and excepts the terms and conditions.”

I called Onstar on Friday where I was told again that no my truck was not remote start capable and no I can not have remote start added to the app. I read them the above, gave them the document numbers and told them that it wasn’t my truck or GM’s problem, it was theirs and they had better update their database per the bulletin. I think I also said something about their tech support team sucking and how OnStar could kiss my... well you get the point. I was a bit pissed after arguing with the twit, the same twit I always seem to get when I call them...

This morning I get a call from onstar (yup her again) telling me that my app has been updated and remote start should now work. I ask her what changed since Friday when she told me no... she asks if there is anything else she can help me with... “nothing I expect you’ll be able to actually do anything about” & then I hang up, update the app and tada there it is, and what do ya know, it works.

So if your having problems getting OnStar to add remote start let them know about this bulletin and demand they update their database.

I can scan the document and post it here if any would like to have a copy...

F OnStar. They suck.
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imo not worth paying to have the app start your vehicle. unless you pay for the services the app is pretty worthless.
>:) Hell .....If I lived in Florida, I wouldn’t need it either!!

So, for the rest of us who live in the colder climates, Remote start is frigin AWESOME!!! When its 20 degrees outside and I have to walk 10 minutes to my truck at the end of a work day - and the truck is already defrosted and warmed up . HELL Yeah!!

I’m too old for that cold ****..... :wink2:
It’s free for 5 years. If I still have the truck in 5 years, I’d gladly pay to renew it, pending the cost of course. I’m sure they’ll rape you into purchasing a full package - of which, I’ll refuse to do.
Anyone have to renew that yet? ONLY the remote start ...?
Just talked with OnStar about adding my recently installed Remote Start to the MyChevrolet App. After giving a short life history to them they said it should be added to the app within about 2 weeks. We'll see if I get it added on on the first attempt.
Are you still within the 3 month free Onstar (full access)? Or are they still giving out free 5 year basic Remote Start access?

I wasn't sure if any of you guys who are adding this feature, are getting charged for Onstar coverage?
I'm still in the "trial" period of Onstar until the end of this month. I'll be calling them today / tomorrow to insure that its canceled. Had to put a CC in their system to get the trial which I've already removed.

The myChevy / GMC app is free as is the remote access for 5 years. BUT you have to have an active OnStar account to add it if it doesn't automatically get added like it's supposed to. With OnStar I'm sure nothing works the way it's "supposed to".
I'm 2.5 years in.....I do not pay for Onstar and never have. My Onstar & GM app / remote start has been working since I bought the truck. I didn't have to do anything or call anyone. Everything was setup thru the dealership when I bought the truck. It just works.....always has.

I didn't realize that Onstar is a *subsidiary corporation of General Motors*

Surely - your 'truck' will have an account with Onstar. Even after you've made an attempt to delete everything and remove your account..... big brother is still connected to your truck. :) They've only removed YOUR access. :grin2:
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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