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Rear Pinion Seal - PreLoad

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Hi guys

I replaced my leaky pinion seal on my 05 Colorado - I also replaced the bad driveshaft U-Joint. I drew the straight marker line before I took it apart and counted the exposed threads like your supposed to. Put the new seal in with RTV on the outside and grease on the inside like it asked for in the book. But when I when to tighten everything together I couldn't get the nut all the way back to where it was lined up. I am about a half turn short. I used a breaker bar and gave it all I had while lying on my back so I didn't use an impact but still I feel like I tried to put some torque on that nut to get it to move. Truck has been running fine with weird vibrations or noises. My question is if that nut position sets the pre-load on the pinion and I am just a half thread short is that going to be a large issue? The other thought I had was maybe I miscounted and I was a half thread over turned and now my pre-load is slightly tighter than it was. Does a half turn make that much of a difference?
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Are you having noises now, or before? Not sure about the Colorado set up, but some have a Crush Sleeve in there that sets the preload, and if it’s not set right, you will have noise and the gear mesh pattern will not be correct. That job is best left to professionals that are well trained in that. It sounds like just remove a bad seal and install a new one, but there is more to it than that. If you are having noise since, I would take it to someone that has experience and check why you are having noise, before damage is done. I have done that recently and had problems, and have decided to pay someone else with experience. It’s cheaper paying them first than having to take it in after you tried. They do not like fixing someone’s screw up. You wouldn’t either.
No noises before or after. Nothing seems wrong I was just worried about the half turn I was off changing the pre-load
You will probably be ok if you don’t start hearing any noise or vibration. If it’s loose, as you put mileage on it, these symptoms will appear. You are probably not getting back to the original mark because you do not have a holding fixture to keep the yolk from turning while tightening. That’s my opinion as to why you are where you are.
You posted...
Truck has been running fine with weird vibrations or noises.
I think you intended NO weird vibrations or noises. If the nut is as tight as you say you are GTG.
You'll be fine. I swapped out my rear pinion yoke and seal 50,000 miles ago using the same method you did and my truck hasn't eaten itself yet.
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