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I'm 6-2 and didn't like feeling like a kid in my truck. I felt like I was sitting on the floor and there was 6" of head room that was being wasted. I just raised my seat 2" in the front and 1-1/2" inches in the rear and it's so much more comfortable I just had to share.
I cut a piece of 1/4" X 3" steel 14" long and drilled holes to match the holes in the floor and the seat in the front 2" apart and mounted sideways bolting it to the floor with the existing bolts and using the bolts from the back mounting and nuts from the hardware store, I bolted the front of the seat to that steel plate. Because of the slant of the mounting, the back bolts no longer line up. (It moves the seat back a little.) In the back I used a 2X4 scrap covered in matching carpet and mounted it across the back. I used a spade bit to counter sink the bolt holes to mount to the floor and drilled holes for carriage bolts to come up and through the mounting holes in the seat.
It worked great and it's so much more comfortable!
It's an extended cab and my next project is to remove the jump seats and make a built-in tool box for that area with two large drawers on each side, divided tray on the top and a built-in cooler in the middle. There's a lot of potential for customizing and I look forward to making this a very practical truck for my Handyman business and even showing off my carpentry skills on the toolbox. Dovetail corner joints, ball bearing drawer slides, raised panel drawer facings, and a hidden drain line for the cooler. Cooler will be just for bottled water of course! LOL!
I love my truck!
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