I have an Intercooler Pipe Kit which consists of a ProFab "HOT" side pipe and an AFE "COLD" side pipe. Everything is included for install. The only difference is I have included an extra AFE intercooler fitting for the ProFab pipe so you can attach it to the intercooler using an adapter, similar to OEM, and not have to use a clamp. The adapter utilizes the OEM attachment clip. Everything is brand new. ProFab has discontinued, at least for now, their intercooler pipe set for the 2.8. I honestly cannot remember what I paid for the ProFab pipe, or the AFE pipe so my asking price is based on the retail price of the complete AFE kit which runs around $612USD($800CAD). I'm open to FAIR negotiation but I think my pricing is reasonable considering what the AFE set costs new, and IIRC the ProFab set was priced about the same. As usual I prefer a local sale but will ship anywhere, if the buyer wants to pay. I also want to sell this kit complete, if possible, Any questions please ask.