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Well I have made some mods to my truck since I last posted in this thread. These are before I just added my G2 Bakflip and Rhino black chrome tip.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Car
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

These last two photo's are my favorite.
- Preston
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2020 Z71 LB 4x4
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I wanted blue. But in the middle of the pandemic, trucks were hard to find, and I made a screamin' deal on this one.

Purchased in April, 2020. Now has 51K miles on it.

I've made a lot of mods to this truck, nearly $5K worth. But all functional, and almost none of them cosmetic.
  • second battery w/ multiple outlets in the bed and cab.
  • bigger fuel tank
  • engine/trans tune
  • small lift
  • HD skid plates
  • Roadmaster suspension
  • Bed drawer
  • LED lights
  • etc.
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