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Paint Drips Along Body Seam

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This one is on the lot at my local dealer. Seems like a pretty blatant QC oversight. Anyone else seen this? The picture doesn’t do it justice, I noticed it as soon as I turned into the lot.

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Our truck has this as well. Also, we have even noticed this on quite a few 2nd gens when installing steps as well. I think white contrasts the most so its even more obvious.
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Well, I hate to be the one to point it out but if you find something on a vehicle you’re looking to buy that’s unacceptable to you then don’t buy it. Simple.
It is the first vehicle that I have seen it this bad on though. The paint looks smooth with no runs anywhere so I do think it’s undercoating or galvanizing.
its the rubberized rock guard that they spray on the bottom of the rocker panels that then gets painted over.
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