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Paint Drips Along Body Seam

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This one is on the lot at my local dealer. Seems like a pretty blatant QC oversight. Anyone else seen this? The picture doesn’t do it justice, I noticed it as soon as I turned into the lot.

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Agreed... should not be necessary on a new vehicle. If I'm being honest, this is the most first year "bugs" I have ever seen and it's a little concerning. At least most seem to be cosmetic and fixable.

O well, ~3 year beta testers rise up! 🙌
Really guys? Start looking at other, and older cars & trucks. Most look like that.
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its the rubberized rock guard that they spray on the bottom of the rocker panels that then gets painted over.
At the factory?
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I have never seen, or at least noticed this one any vehicle before.

Ugh, the internet has ruined me.
I don’t know if it is a lack of attention to detail or a general lack of pride in the product. It may be that in a profit driven business they just don’t want to pay someone to trim it. I would venture to say that the members here are much more discriminating and detail oriented than the average buyer. Some of the builds I see here tell me that they take attention to detail to a ”whole ’nother level”. For some their twin is not only their hobby but I would say their passion. A lot of people feel that if it takes them from point A to point B it’s good enough. I don’t think that I will ever understand those people…. they’re weird!
Yes and we’re talking thousands of dollars for a vehicle. I don’t expect to look at it brand new and see body panels, paint, seams etc. easily noticeable that isn’t right. There used to be quality checking before vehicles ever left the production plant. Now a days it’s produce and ship and let dealerships take care of under warranty.
Terrific points. Once you factor in that this is a place where people will come to share such things it can really seem blown out of proportion. I don't think anyone is wrong for looking at it like it's something that shouldn't happen and I think the questions are why is happening, is it a problem, and is it something that should be addressed at the manufacturer level?

Poor paint chips and causes rust. On something like the bottom of the truck especially in the area we are seeing here where it's prone to have those things happen, something like this can accelerate the issue. It's definitely a cause for concern. If removing it with a blade is a solution without chipping the rest of the paint then it begs the question why they don't have someone doing it after it's applied.

I know one thing I will be applying to the underbody for sure is a fluid film application, but the first year will probably just be a wool wax application. This being the body portion of the truck and not the frame, I guess if you are one with the issue you could also remove those drips then reseal it with a clear coat? I just started doing the fluid film research, but maybe a clear version is the solution to reseal it.

I still think it's something they should address and hopefully they do. I think if you look at it like "people just like to bitch" then you are not helping the issues and it begs the question - why are you here? Just move along. Forums should come together and address issues like this in the hopes QC at the company level addresses them in the future. That's all there is to it! We are looking for solutions, not bitching and moaning. No doubt there are TONS of people who just buy things and don't maintain them or think twice about stuff like this - but a good amount of people here enjoy solving these issues and put a lot of time and effort into protecting their investments - be it something that is $100 or $100,000. Personally, I take pride in this kind of stuff and it's a major hobby of mine.

They didn't miss it. They don't intend to remove it. My Bronco had similar.

My TB does too.

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Is that pic of your TB and if so, would you care to take some photos of the inside for us? This one looks simple enough to fix. Not as bad looking as the white ones being shared.
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I would prefer excess sealer to not enough. Just sayin'
If people expect Rolls Royce quality and control on pinch weld sealant....then maybe buy a Rolls Royce.

Or just be a normal, discerning, intelligent adult who doesn't buy a brand new platform the first month of production. Common sense used to dictate waiting a year to avoid these very issues. 🤷‍♂️
Well good thing for me and every other ZR2 owner... because they won't even be produced until next year at this rate.

It's fine to expect some overshoot. The question is if that overshoot comes off, which it will - easily after some high pressure washes, does it leave that section open and rip the paint off with it and/or leave a chipped spot. The likelihood of it doing so is high. By all means, clean it up - but I'm willing to bet you take some excess that shouldn't come off with it in the process. Regardless, you still have to reseal it!

If I could afford a Rolls Royce, I'd like one. Sure. But even high dollar cars have issues. McLarens for example have all sorts of misaligned panels... so the argument of "high dollar = higher quality" is not necessarily true all the time.

I think people just expect a decent paint job quality on a paint job - regardless of if it's a $20k vehicle or a $300k one. That seems like more of a common sense thing to me.
Meh, RR's not all they're cracked up to be:

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That's my kinda royalty.
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