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Paint Drips Along Body Seam

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This one is on the lot at my local dealer. Seems like a pretty blatant QC oversight. Anyone else seen this? The picture doesn’t do it justice, I noticed it as soon as I turned into the lot.

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There's a lot of stupid crap like that on vehicles I've worked on... it's just it normally is not in a spot that's normally visible... I'm also not really seeing anything that screams abnormal or excessive for a first year problem. A lot of stupid **** yes but it's not like the vehicle isn't mostly making it A to B. Well except that one guy. Actually... maybe I lied, remember when everyone said QC improved? :LOL:

All kidding aside, seeing what I deal with with rollouts, this is really not horrendous. But annoying, yes.
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Easy to spot crap is being missed, what about the issues you can't see???
Yeah. But they always miss that stuff. You just can't see it. Hate to be like that but again, I've seen so much bs working on various makes I just expect it... sorry.
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