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Hi All,

Hoping someone can clarify things for me. There seems to be very little availability passenger tire rated tires in the all terrain, hybrid terrain, and mud terrain categories.

I find alot of E load rated and some C rated. I understand the load rating means the ability to hold air pressure. I also understand that the higher load rating usually means a heavier tire with stiffer sidewalls.

When offroading....and airing down.....dont you want a pliable sidewall to conform to terrain?? Doesnt it make it more difficult for an E load tire to do this over a SL rated tire??

What am I missing?

Thank you,

My thoughts are you want an E rated tire for off road. Yes it is a thicker side wall, but that means its a lot less prone to punctures and tears. I've done wheeling with some guys that use P or C rated tires and they've torn them up pretty good. E rated will still conform to the terrain. It just springs back a bit quicker. I will only use E rated tires for off road anymore.
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