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Ok, so I made this thread as a sticky so it will stay at the top and it will be easy to find people. If you want to be added to the list, just leave a post in here here with your XBox Live gamer tag and I will edit my post here and add you in, and then I will just delete your post. This will help keep this thread simple and clean.

Please don't post anything in here except for new people who want to be added. I am going to be deleting any posts that come in here just to keep this thread clean. If you want to talk about games or anything else, please do it in one of the threads below. Thanks. :)

Here is the latest list I have from the other thread as of 10-16-2007.

(Live Gamer Tag) - (CFans User Name)


Alterb0y - vekT0R7
BreakerN5 - BreakerN5
Brew98 - bbrewbaker
BrusedMonkey - Placebo
cbrpilot - sscolorado
Ch4d - Ch4d
Chaos2084 - Chaos2084
CNOLA12 - irishman212
Cranked Slayer - truebluedrew
DamnSucubus - 2005-colorado
Dillusion 808 - Dillusion
Dropndrag - GriMSysTeM
dustinjamesz - dustinjamesz
E Flo Shifty - 7inarow
fatmanskinny - koolz71
FLERG - tamaZ71
gonzo517517517 - Bizarro517
HoobyGT - Hooby
inCHRISableHULK - TwistdVizions (his friends LIVE acccount)
LongBow986 - LongBow986
MadCrapper67 - Glace
MasterGspot - gawillet
Mavric Mechanic - Lug Nut
MilitantFatman - Just_Hayes
oO Bad Luck Oo - brakenit
P4ck - Dixi NormouS
Risky Shizzle - Xtreme
sflambda - KingSting
SKUBASTEEV - Skubasteev
THE C0LTER - InfantryOP4
TheSuperH - SuperH
TrailBlazer3 - trlblazer3
umbrella2600 - lifeafter2am
unfetter - FCTE
Victoryredzq8 - victoryredZQ8
W4N4B3 - blurred_shadows
WeeArthur - D3afSoCalDaddy27
Wild guy1989 - Wild_guy1989
XTREME545 - Austin10304

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Man, you guys want a good time?

There is a demo on Xbox live for Conan.....absolutely one of the most fun games I've played to date. I can't wait to own it.

Not for the queasy.....there is more blood and limb chopping fun than anything I've seen in any other game.

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blackrado06 - blackmax06

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Dillusion said:
Do you guys actually add each other?

I dont plan on doing so.

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ThisIsJesizzle - JeSuS

COD4 & Forza II

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O4 svt

thats not the number zero, its the letter "o".

mostly COD4, but some halo 3. I stopped playing halo becuase of COD4.

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r890 - BIG ROB 327

It's being changed soon though. My friend gave me his Xbox, and that was his gamertag (my name's Ben). When the subscription runs out, I'm gonna get a new one of my own.

I'm rarely on anyway.
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