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2016 GMC Canyon Copper Red Metallic SLT CC LB 3.6 V6
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2016 GMC Canyon SLT CC LB V6 in Copper Red Metallic. Bought it in January of this year with less than 30k miles on it and I am the second owner.

Favorite vehicle aspects: I love the size of the vehicle compared to full size trucks. It's the perfect amount of truck for me. I also love the fact that I have 4x4 now. It's been a big help this past couple of Midwest winters.

As far as mods go, I removed the "Grand" and pheasant decals off of the truck. It used to say "GRAND CANYON" on the doors when I first bought it. I also have a nice Airbedz truck air mattress that has worked out really well for camping. I have a chrome tailgate handle on order to complete the chrome door handle look.
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