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2022 GMC Canyon Elevation
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2022 GMC Canyon Elevation V6. Purchased on November 2nd of 2021 just celebrated my 1 year. So far I’ve installed Fox shocks in all four corners, Freedom Off-road UCA’s (cut off droop stops for new uca), Mickey Thompain Baja Boss A/T 265/75r16, Method Bead Grip 703’s in matte black with 0 offset and LED lights inside my cab and in my headlights. I’ve also done other little things like window tinting, having my bed sprayed by Bullet Liner, installing four GM tie down points on each upper bed corner, putting in weather tech floor mats, removing air dam, installing metal skid plates, and painting that awkward lip below our door panels with black rocker guard so it blends in with the underneath.

Ive also purchased some recovery accessories I always keep in the truck like Bunker Indust recovery boards, I keep those master locked and ratcheted to my left bed sidewall above the wheel hump fits like they were made for it. I also keep a couple Rotopax on my back right bed wall and have those secured by a theft proof locking/cut resistant ratchet. Always keep a foldable shovel and the NOCO Boost Jump Starter under the back seats. And I have a “recovery bag” thats just a backpack that keeps my, Yankum rope, two soft shackles, winch snatch block, tow rope, air down device, air pump, flat repair kit, LED flash/flood light, and basic first aid kit.

My favorite two memories in this truck so far is one when I went into a mud pit (can see some of it in my middle pic) about three truck lengths long and right below door panel deep and made it right to the end and just started sinking and then I felt the G80 kick in and I literally just popped right out it was the coolest thing considering I thought I was surely stuck. Second was the first time I had all four tires leave the ground, I was hitting some decent whoops after installing the Fox shocks and decided to push it a little and ended up getting slightly air born. The coolest part about catching air was feeling the suspension go into full droop and then land and compress fully with you just bobbing up and down the whole time. New 3rd gens look amazing but damn I love this truck so much.

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