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2019 Colorado ZR2 in Crush

Not too much in the way of mods: Pretty much every light bulb on the truck has been replaced by a Diode Dynamics LED, Retrax Pro XR tonneau cover, AVS Aeroskin II, 589 Fab Shock Skids (painted to match), and the most recent being Method 704 wheels.

My favorite aspect of this vehicle is it allows me to explore and go places I never thought I would which has been especially great in the PNW with the back country and mountain trails. Just recently the puppers and I went on a road trip from Seattle to D.C. and on our return trip we stopped in Moab, UT and paid a visit to Arches National Park (where these pictures were taken). Met a ton of cool people and off-road enthusiasts that paid many a compliment. For me this truck is all about adventure and finding the next one.
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