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2016 gmc canyon SLE extended cab v6 Eibach pro truck kit stage 1 zone 1.5 inch body lift
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2016 gmc canyon with method 703s, 285-70-17 milestar patagonia ATRs, eibach pro truck kit at 2.7 and zone 1.5 body lift. Kan air intake and cabin filter full led swap front to back with amber fogs. Mbrp catback exuast and 15 percent front 3m tint and 5 percent rear tint. Colorado canyon enthusiasts fender liner relocation kit. Stubby Jr attena and midland USA radio kit onboard. Also protune upper control arms with sway bar delete.
I use this truck for overlanding and trails not pictured is a guide gear bed tent I use instead of rtt for room for dirt bikes. Been light crawling and love this truck for my needs. What I dislike is the transmission tried turning and didn't seem to help.
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