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As a footnote: I was curious (could not recall) if the integrated transmission cooler was part of the GM towing package or not. They don't list it as a component on the website so I have to conclude that it's standard on any truck. I was unhappy to learn when I picked up a Traverse that the trans. cooler is part of the tow package option. Adding the hitch as an accessory leaves you with a limited tow capacity for that reason, so it's only good for a bike or cargo rack.

"The Chevy Trailering Package is an available package that includes a number of towing features that are designed to make your cargo-moving tasks simpler. The components of this package include:
  • 2-in. receiver hitch
  • Four-pin and seven-pin connectors
  • Seven-wire electrical harness and seven-pin sealed connector for connecting trailer lights and brakes to your truck
  • Four-way sealed connector for use on trailers without brakes
  • Automated locking rear differeQTE
Also trailer brake wiring harness behind kick pannel beside emergency brake
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