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YO! I've been lusting over the ZR2 since the concept came out and finally pulled the trigger yesterday.

First thing I did, literally drove it from the lot to Fiesta Island and romped it around in the dirt for a bit.

Man I love this truck, but I also like to complain about stuff. So I've already started a thread complaining about the lack of Homelink, which has become a full on bitching festival about the lack of some pretty industry standard convince options (passive entry, push button ignition). :laugh::laugh:

Anywho, I may not be able to open my garage, and I have to pull the keys out of my pocket to get in the Truck and start it, but at least I can drive over pretty much anything and everything.

And that is very important.

Happy to be here, I'm looking to do some performance upgrades to the duramax. I've never owned a diesel before so not even sure where to start.

I guess here. Any low hanging fruit suggestions would be welcome. Maybe an air intake?
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