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Just took delivery of my new 2022 Colorado Crewcab ZR2 Midnight Diesel :D Nice truck - plenty of mod's to come - and I've ordered new add-on's already. I've always had GM trucks - right now we've got a '58 stakebody , '68 shortbed ,'85 3x3 8" bed, '86 dually reg cab , '09 2500 4x4 reg cab 8' ,'15 3500 4x4 crewcab dually diesel , and a '21 Yukon XL in the immediate family - so we've got lot's of GM spirit . I like making my own mod's and parts to do so , so I hope to post some unique stuff as time goes on - thanks for the chance to join up with like-minded individuals and we'll see 'ya soon- chip

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