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New Member, New 05 Colorado!

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Just picked up a new (to me) 2005 Colorado with the I-5 engine over the weekend. 136XXX on the odometer, and seems to be a fantastic truck, especially since it was only $4000 from a dealer in Sandusky, Ohio.... it was worth the trip over from Pittsburgh to get this truck at that price. Made it all the way back, except for the last 10 miles, when the check engine light went on..... ran the code and it was a valve timing solenoid sensor (only a 60 dollar part), but I'm not sure if the sensor "went bad" or if it's indicative of something more common in the problem arena for these trucks.

Going to drive it a few days and see if it comes back on, since it DID go 200+ miles with no issues, and revisit the scenario to see if having a mechanic tinker with it would be useful or not. But I'm looking forward to learning about this unique model truck and sharing the adventure with you all, along the way!
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Good to see another 1st Gen owner. Welcome!

I’d check your frame for rust. Our 1st Gens didn’t do well in the salt belt.
Welcome Aboard
Congrats on you 1st Gen
Hope you get the code sorted out
Welcome to the forum. Post some pics of your new truck.
Welcome @bytor724

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!

We wish you luck with your recent purchase and hope that you are able to get the code resolved.

Looking forward to seeing some photos of your truck.
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