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I think I introducted myself in Sept 04 but system doesn't remember me.

Anyways I have a 05 LS Z71 Crew 4WD with 128,500 kilometers(80,00 miles) on it.

I have replaced the tires and a few bulbs had the blower motor replaced under warranty. Other than those things and the wife busting the tailgate handle the truck has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. I traded my 2004 silverattle in for this one and glad I did.

I put an extang rt cover on it but had to have it replaced after about a year. I got it replaced under warranty but a few months later I was having the same issues again. I decided to call Extang because I really didn't want to replace this cover with the same one again. They said that I could exchange it for a different cover just send them the production code.When I originally bought the cover there was only the rt and the full-tilt having had the full-tilt on the 04 I knew that it wasn't what I needed for this truck. I asked if I could replace it with the new trifecta top and they said sure! so thats what I did and am happy. The people at extang went out of there way to satisfy me on my cover and that is rare these days.

Thats my story and I'm sticken to it
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