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I just purchased a new Colorado. I have been debating what 4x4 to go with since January and finally made the leap. The first trick was deciding on whether to go for a Jeep, SUV or truck. After a lot of considerations I decided to go with a truck to make it a bit more utilitarian since it has a bed.

Well after three or four months of debating truck, SUV or Jeep I then had to start researching what truck to buy. I didn't want something older than a few years so that really limited me to the Colorado or a Tacoma. Well, after a few more months of toying back and forth on what to buy I decided to purchase a Colorado. I had made up my mind to go with a Z71 but had been trying to find a ZR2 to test drive but they were nowhere to be found. I finally found a dealer that just got five in that morning. So I went to that dealer to look at it because I had yet to see one in person.

I will say it was one mean looking truck, so my mind was made up, I purchased a 2018 ZR2 Duramax and have not regretted it. I was able to get them to throw in a Tonneau Cover as well. May replace that for

2018 Colorado ZR2
Duramax 2.8L
Crew Cab
Dark Green (Can't remember official color name)

Now, I bought this truck to take off road so I promptly had to get an extra GoPro to help document. I haven't done to much yet but since I live in Utah I have plenty of places to go and am planning a Moab trip in a few weeks for some serious rock crawling. Here are a few videos

Both videos up Mary Ellen Gulch in American Fork Canyon
Under carriage shot:
Going up an embankment:
- I really wish I got this going up. It was a lot better going up than down.

I will be posting quite a few videos of my adventures as I make them. I have about four hours of video to filter through right now.


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