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Never thought I’d be looking to replace my Colorado!

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About a month ago I was in a pretty good wreck. Not my fault and thankfully everybody was okay. My poor Cajun Red Tintcoat Z71 is totaled. In the meantime they give me a rental to drive. When I got to enterprise I told them I wanted to rent that 2022 Tacoma TRD. I’ve never really drove a Tacoma before. To be honest I don’t see what all the hype is about! It doesn’t have remote start which is a major selling point to me. Also it doesn’t have heated seats, heated steering wheel, or back glass defroster! Needless to say I will be back in another Z71 Colorado when my check comes in!
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I never thought I'd be replacing my Colorado either. Certainly not after 9 months. That truck was supposed to be my last purchase.

Now I'm truckless and considering rams or another Colorado.

Glad you're ok.
I'm still trying to recover.
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The problem is.

What you want is hard to find.

No one wants an actual truck that can actually haul anything these days.

6 feet is bad enough. But 5 feet. WTF?
2.8 diesel no longer being offered.

2.7 gas is the only option
I got the exact same truck.

New though. 20 miles.
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