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hows it going everybody?!?

my name is Sean and i am the proud owner of a 2008 Colorado Z71 LT 2x4 Crew Cab, this is my first truck and needless to say i love this damn thing...has a little over 500 miles on the odometer so I havent really had to much time to thoroughly experience this trucks potential but none the less ive had a blast so far...


*had the front 2 windows tint matched to the rest of the windows also had a tint matched eye brow put on her souly because it was offered for free
*COMPUSTAR-PRO ALARM w/ remote far this thing has been incredible i highly recommend it, just my .02
*Clarion VRX775VD IN-DASH TOUCH-SCREEN, this is by far my favorite mod to the truck
*I purchased the SUPERCREWSOUND Dual UTS Subwoofer Box made to fit 2 10" subs w/ black carpet (just came in the mail yesterday)
* also purchased 2 ELEMENTAL DESIGN SQ10'S which should be here today w00t w00t
*had a full 0 g. wire kit installed
*Kenwood KAC-7201 AMP

i've been reading up on a ton of info about how to install the supercrewsound box and i have read a lot of good reviews and a lot of bad reviews as if anybody can give me some advice on how to make the install easier it would be greatly appreciated (pics notes etc etc...anything will help)

haven't really had time to go out and take some nice pics so sorry for the low were taken the day i brought her home



my other toy...

2007 cbr600rr (stock) aside from the shogun crash kit just waiting for my full yosh. system to get off of back order



sorry for the super long thread everybody!!!
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