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Wow, someone fell off the deep end. Maybe all those public health officials should tell the airlines to stop flying. When airplanes stop flying, I will promise you I will not drive out into the desert for that same timeframe.

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I am a conservative, who didn't initially support orange man (OM). But I have been EXTREMELY impressed what OM has accomplished while enduring every possible attack, real and fake. This president has really delivered and shown the Christian and Jewish more support for godly values than his personal past would suggest. ISIS was created and thrived under Obama and The Iranian Guard were empowered from apologetic paper tiger policy from Obama while building the uranium enrichment capabilities. OM does need to find those centrifuges and destroy them. But OM has definitely shown he will unapologetically put a missile up the ass of any terrorist who dares to travel outside his borders.
Where is ISIS now? GONE zilch. So yea, I don't want any more weak liberal foreign policy in todays world.

I say all that to say this on COVID. Im a OM fan now, because I "get" him. But i also know he's a show man.
I recognize the novel coronavirus is a very serious threat and THE MAIN REASON our OM created economy is suffering any setback at all. But I don't discount that many are dying and I could be one of them. I CHOOSE to mask-up and decon because of the science and guidance from the medical professionals who work at preventing infection EVERY DAY recommend. Most people ignore the measures medical professionals take to sanitize and sterilize the environment you walk into to get your treatment. Its not a new thing for them. All we have to do follow the very basic guidelines for us to (help) prevent getting and giving the virus. It sucks, yes, and many will die regardless. But we need to take these precautions as long as it takes to get through this. I happen to know there is now many manufacturers and distributions of PPE and test kits available. It also is very inexpensive but the prices are inflated now. Nobody want's to undercut anyone else. Treatments for early detection of COVID are almost out patient. Many are treated with big doses of vitamin D and zinc. This thing is getting easier to deal with but believe me, YOU don't want this if you can help it.
I know an OM anti-masker who eventually got his COVID. He's young and strong and will be OK but today, he is suffering. I know an older guy who lost his smell and taste, perhaps permanently, and also has a new heart condition from it. COVID attacks all kinds of things in your body and will mess you up.

So go on, support OM, but listen to the guidance and take all COVID precaution for your own sake.
I wouldn't want anything preventing me from seeing the next 500 miles of wall built!
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