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I bought this 2020 Colorado CCSB Z71 Midnight Edition 1/4/2020. Downsized from 3/4 ton 4WD Dodge Cummins. We both got long in the tooth. Swore I would not start cutting, drilling, changing, like have with all my trucks. That lasted until I got home with it. It has taken about a month to collect all of the items I wanted, got kinda possessed.

Most, if not all the things I have done have been done by many on here it seems. By definition a Midnight Edition should look pretty much like all other Midnight Editions. But I had my vison of what it should look like, so here are my changes to make it all MINE.

What it looked like when I drove it off the lot.

First: BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau, just got used to having a tonneau that sort of secures things in the bed. At least protects from weather.

Second: 2" Leveling Kit. Couldn't stand the rake on a 4WD "Offroad" truck.

Third: Chrome steps replaced with Black Tube Off Road steps.

Fourth: Bison Grill, didn't really know what it was at first. There was a Colorado RST model on the dealer lot with that grill and I thought that it looked great. Swapped out the chrome fog light bezels with black. Part of this change was removal of the sissy DAM. I pulled the connectors to make it easy to put back. May cut it like others I see here if I get the urge. But for now it is gone.



Fifth: Installed bed lights. I actually ordered the GM Bed Light Kit day after I bought it. OEM accessories good, right? If I had opened it when I picked it up I would have returned it. The two light modules are a joke. But I did use the wiring harness which saved me about $15 dollars and an hour of my time. This is sort of temporary, testing which lights and where to mount. Of course temporary may be until they fall off.

Next the little things:
In Channel vent visors. Unicorn Horn antenna gone. Black tail pipe tip. Trailer Receiver Plug

Emblems Are Now Midnight Class: Z71 COLOADO V6 Tailgate Bowtie


In the long run I will probably just debadge the tailgate, that is normally what I do. But for now Midnight look and I will try to leave it alone for a while.

Finally being a little anal:


Here is MY Midnight Edition:



I have two sets of mud flaps and Rear Wheel Well liners. I may trim one up to how I like and put them on. We'll see. For now the cosmetics are done and I am happy with them.

It is my daily driver now and occasional weekend play toy. I need to drive it for 5 or 6 months to see what it is really made of. Then see if I want to get crazy.

If you made to here, thanks for your time.

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Your Colorado looks good. Welcome to the Forum
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