-These have been built by myself using OE connectors
-2 sets available- One with and one without LED turn signal load resistors.
-Changes the (DRL's) daytime running lights so that the low beams turn off during daylight and the park lights are on day/night and become the DRL's.
-Everything is hand built to the highest standards.
-All connections are soldered.
-Triple layer protection to make them extremely durable.
-Each one is extensively point to point tested to verify they are functional.
-I've been using this exact build and parts on my truck without any issues for over a year now
-All that needs to be done is unplug headlight connectors and plug this in and mount the relay where ever you want.
-Each one will have a loose lead that's been secured away that's been soldered to the turn signal positive circuit to allow the use of LED turn signal bulb load resistors.
-Good detailed Instructions on how to connect and install provided.
-Prices include shipping to the US
-$130 US for harness prepped for use with LED turn signal bulb load resistors
-$145 US for harness with LED turn signal bulb load resistors.
-(My Canadian peeps, PM me for CAD pricing)
-I've toyed with the idea that the fog lights would come on during daylight automatically and turn off during night, but could be turned on with the factory system at night. (ask me how)
PM me if interested.

Without LED load resistors.(But pre-prepped for use with resistors)
Wood Amber Electrical wiring Bicycle part Hardwood

With Load Resistors
Wood Microphone Electrical wiring Cable Hardwood
Wood Amber Wood stain Hardwood Cable

Also have a DIY info on how I do this here;
UPDATED DRL MOD | Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon (coloradofans.com)