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Low profile truck bed cross bars - Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme LS Extended Cab 2005

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Hi all,

Just purchased a Chevy Colorado Xtreme LS Extended Cab and very excited to make some mods! My first is to get some low-profile cross bars over the bed as I have a long roof box and bike frame that I would like to install and keep them lower than the cab.

Attached is a pic of my old Jetta with the roof box and bike rack that I intend to move over and I have attached some pics of some cross bars systems to show you what I'm talking about.

The requirements I have are...
  • Everything must be black
  • Cross bars must be able to slide back and forth
  • I'd like them as low as possible
  • Able to trim the bars so they don't stick out the sides too far
  • Ideally if they are compatible with Thule products with that little track that would be great but not a deal breaker if not as I can modify to fit

Thanks in advance I am very excited to be part of the Chevy family!

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