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Anyone on here use hptuners? I plugged my laptop into my 2008 chevy Colorado I just bought a few weeks ago that is bone stock. I wanted to download the tune to see what I can change as I have tuned my other vehicles as well... took a quick scan of the truck and I have never seen so much KR on a vehicle...

Is this normal? I have 0.2KR even in park / neutral if I give it a little rev and anywhere from 0.2 - 8* of KR across a lot of my cells when driving around. At idle there is no kr what so ever so I am pretty sure it is not a rod bearing or anything quite like that...

Now the truck drives great and all I can hear is a minor tick under the hood at idle which I believe to be a very small exhaust leak and or possibly the sound of the injectors. Nothing you can hear without the hood open.

This has me a little concerned...
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