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I was going to build one but figured I'd check here and see if anyone has one they would like to sell. Refuse to pay $120+ for one online when it's about $20 or less of material. This post may be in wrong area and if so I apologize but wanting a better sound of my canyon. I would prefer a down fire box for crew cab 1st Gen canyon back console. I'd rather not use the one for under back seat as I have 2 teenage boys and I can already picture having to replace sub/subs. I would prefer 10inch as well. I've already replaced head unit and all door speakers with kicker 6.5in speakers but still want more. If you do then pm me or email me [email protected] thanks again.

P.s. if you have measurements for the crew cab backseat console box then please share I'll take a stab at building one they don't look to hard to build I'm just worried about all the measurements if that makes sense.
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